We work with the current managers as advisors, negotiators or occupying management positions


  • Turnaround: Naxentia provides assistance to companies that are underperforming or in crisis and also provides advisory services to creditors and investors
  • Crisis management: Naxentia professionals temporarily assume key positions in the company, supporting its management during the period required to restore normal operations and capital structure. The most frequent positions assumed by Naxentia professionals are: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Restructuring

When is restructuring necessary?

  • Companies (family managed or otherwise) that need to reinvent themselves, prepare for a sale or an external investment
  • Companies that experienced fraud, financial distress, difficulties of succession or other critical moments related to their business’ management

Why does your company need a crisis manager?

In times of crisis, the quicker the decision-making process, the better the performance of the company during the critical period. The everyday life of a leader is very lonely and it is our experience that in critical moments, finding the solution alone is specially hard.
Naxentia helps companies get out of the crisis, implementing short-and long-term solutions.

Bankruptcy protection / Chapter eleven

For companies who need advice on debt renegotiation with its creditors, Naxentia develops a restructuring plan based on a credible diagnosis, enabling the company to renegotiate its debts.
In cases where the need to file for bankruptcy protection is uncertaing, Naxentia conducts a thorough assessment of the company and presents alternatives and guidance on the potential impacts and the process of recovery through the benefit of 11.101/2005 federal law.

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