We implement best management practices to maximize the performance of our customers

Management improvement

Evolve the start-up, entrepreneurial management to professional management, led by market executives

Naxentia prepares your company to meet the new challenges increasingly posed by competitive markets. We implement best practices in business management, creating foundations for continuity or recovery of growth.

How we work

Our staff acts during a transitional period of 1 year, in preparation for the recruitment of market professionals. This transitional phase, during which corporate governance policies and processes and a Board of Directors are implemented, creates the Foundation for the new management.

Professional management

Every company needs to have a really professional management, for without it it is impossible to have sustainable growth, maintain a leading position in the market and ensure business continuity.

Main Challenges

  • Defining and institutionalizing roles and responsibilities
  • Define, promote and ensure the implementation of rules and controls
  • Decentralize decisions
  • Create rules for the founder and family to interact with the company
  • Separating the founder and the company’s finances
  • Make the company work, even in the absence of the founder

Performance improvement

To get back on the success trail, when the Organization begins to run out of steam

Naxentia advises companies with growth potential, solving difficulties in liquidity and preparing the company for the future, through operational, commercial, administrative and financial improvements. To perform an accelerated performance improvement, Naxentia operates with multiple concurrent task forces, in special:

  • Strategy review
  • Cost reduction
  • Focus on core business
  • Brand repositioning
  • Working capital and treasury management improvement
  • Revision of policies, processes and procedures
  • Implementation of management indicators