Solve liquidity problems. Restructure debt. End loss-making businesses. DEFEAT THE CRISIS.



What we do

Crisis management

  • We support our client’s management; we work directly with the company’s management, developing a realistic and feasible work plan, as advisers, negotiators or interim managers
  • When needed, Naxentia professionals temporarily assume key management positions in the company, managing it during the period required to restore normal operations and capital structure
  • The most frequent positions assumed by Naxentia professionals are: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO)

Our experience – some examples

Leading industry in the animal pharmaceutics industry

  • Succession crisis: management was unprepared to take over from the founder
  • Naxentia executives occupied CEO and Board Member positions

One of the leading Brazilian airlines

  • Operations were halted due to financial distress
  • Naxentia executives occupied CRO and PMO positions
  • First case in Brazilian civil aviation history of a suspended airline that regained flight permission

Tools manufacturer

  • Severe liquidity crisis
  • Naxentia executives occupied CEO, CFO and Controller positions
  • On Naxentia’s first day as interim manager, cash holdings were less than 10% of the payroll costs, due on the same day
  • The company recovered its profit margins and was sold