Redesigning the organizational structure. Deploy processes and indicators. Plan and execute. PROFESSIONAL Management.

What we do

Review of corporate governance

  • The Naxentia account with specialized partners in designing and implementing professional structures of governance: Board of Directors, Council, Advisory Council, Compliance Department etc.

Redesign of organizational structure: the chart is appropriate to the current situation and the future vision of the company?

  • The Naxentia rearranges the entire structure of the company, aligning it to your goals and the best management practices. Our work includes a review of:
    • Profile: we have the right people in each position?
    • Competence: our professionals possess the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their functions?
    • Scaling: we have too many people in the Organization? We have overloaded areas because of a lack of professionals?

Review and implementation of policies, processes and procedures

  • Planning: we have a vision of the future? We have quantifiable objectives and goals?
  • Execution: we know manage?
  • Communication: our professionals know our strategy and our goals? And our customers and suppliers?

Review and implementation of systems and tools: the tools are aligned to the business strategy? The available information have the quality required to support decision-making?

  • Commercial: the tools reflect the strategy and the business goals of the business?
  • Operating: the tools contribute to a more efficient operation or are they just a barrier in day-to-day operation?
  • The financial and administrative systems provide managers with accurate and reliable information? The business is properly represented in the financial and administrative systems. There are “blind spots” in the tools?

Naxentia experience-some examples

Review of verification of results

  • Redesign of costing methodology of steel distributor
  • Review of verification of results of tool and auto parts manufacturer, identifying different from EBITDA reported to the Council

The planning process

  • Strategic planning, tactical and operational for aviation company
  • Annual strategic planning for system integrator of it and Telecom
  • Strategic planning for industry leader in governance, Risk, Compliance and security

Implementation of metrics and indicators

  • Implementation of map of indicators for all areas of airline
  • Executive dashboard deployment to Board of steel distributor partners

Review and implementation of ERP

  • Project cancellation and re-deployment of ERP in steel Distributor, generating savings of more than $ 2 million
  • Deployment in record time of ERP in operation steel waste processing
  • Redefinition of policies, and commercial and financial rules in incentive marketing agency

CRM deployment

  • CRM implementation in construction and architectural firm
  • Implementation of policies, processes, procedures, and CRM system in advertising agency

Review of operational tools

  • Timesheet deployment and project management tool in incentive marketing agency