Own methodology adapted to each company and situation

Our methodology

Typically, a project of the Naxentia adopts approaches march 1:


The consulting work have clearly defined start and end and pre-agreed remuneration. At the end of the work is delivered a report of recommendations, with a plan of action. Examples of consulting jobs already made:

  • Diagnosis
  • Business plan
  • New product launch strategy
  • Recovery plan
  • Cost reduction
  • Leverage sales plan

Interim management

This is our standard model of delivery. The directors of Naxentia temporarily occupy executive positions in your company. The works are set in period 1 to 2 years General. Highlights of this model:

  • The directors of Naxentia have different background, such as Management Consulting, Financial Market, industry
  • Our wardens have occupied senior management positions (mainly CEO, CFO and COO) and a part of them participates in boards of Directors
  • Most of our directors have solid foundations in Corporate Finance, by participating debt renegotiation, M&A operations or have worked in investment funds

Financial advice

We perform specific jobs, or use this competence within remodeling work.

The most common jobs include:

  • Business value assessment
  • Mergers and acquisitions (including pre and post M&A)
  • Renegotiation of debt
  • Creditor advisory
  • Fundraising