7 billion dollars in transactions, in 15 years of successful transactions

Naxentia Financial Services, now Naxentia WordInvest, is a leading financial advisory and business development company in Brazil.

Worldinvest, with extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and Naxentia, with a successful history in company restructuring, joined their operations with the goal of creating a leading financial, management consulting and business development firm for the Brazilian market, together adding up to a record of more than $ 7 billion in operations already carried out.

Sectors in which we have already operated

  • Logistics
  • Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Wood
  • Internet
  • Real estate
  • Steel
  • Paper
  • Telecom
  • Chemistry

Success case – Corneta


Company with 80 years and recognized brand in the industry, under management of the third generation of the founding families, faced serious challenges of short-term liquidity.
Naxentia’s diagnosis pointed out the source of the problems and projected different scenarios of continuity. Working with Corneta’s Board of Directors, Naxentia has proposed the sale of the business and found interested investors. The sale occurred after 8 months of work.