Sell more and better. Spend less. Operate more efficiently. Increase the PROFITABILITY of the business.


What we do

Performance improvement

The Naxentia advises the company solving liquidity problems and preparing the company for the future, through operational improvements, finance and sales.

To perform an accelerated performance improvement, the Naxentia operates with multiple concurrent work fronts, including:

  • Cost reduction
  • Control of expenditure
  • Revenue increase
  • Management of brands
  • Management of working capital and Treasury
  • Implementation of management indicators
  • Building reliable business plan


Naxentia experience-some examples

Steel distributor

Cost reduction

  • Closure of manufacturing operation of connections with negative profitability
  • Reduction of headcount
  • Improvement in programming Purchases
  • Discontinued implementation of ERP, generating savings of 2,000,000 R$

Candy factory

Cost reduction

  • Reduction of headcount
  • Reducing the number of SKU's

Increased revenues

  • 20% sales increase