Overcoming challenges with you

We support our clients during their most critical moments

Overcome crisis

Solve liquidity problems. Restructure debt. End loss-making businesses. DEFEAT THE CRISIS.    

Improve Performance

Sell more and better. Spend less. Operate more efficiently. Increase the PROFITABILITY of the business.  

Modernize management

Redesigning the organizational structure. Deploy processes and indicators. Plan and execute. PROFESSIONAL Management.

Drive change

Succeed the founders. Resume the path of growth. Change direction. Going out of business. REINVENT.    


A full service portfolio to meet all your needs


We work with the current managers as advisors, negotiators or occupying management positio

Management and performance improvement

We implement best management practices to maximize the performance of our customers (m...

Financial and Real-estate Advisory

Financial assessment, debt renegotiation, fundraising and real-estate portfolio management

Mergers and acquisitions

7 billion dollars in transactions, in 15 years of successful transactions (more…)...

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Cobertura Magazine: Debt renegotiation does not guarantee a company’s return to growth

Please find bellow an automated translation of the article published in the Cobertura business magazine (original story here) The signal is still alert to the Brazilian market. Companies that

Você S.A. He’s going to change everything

Check here the Você S.A. with participation of professionals Naxentia. Good read!

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