Financial assessment, debt renegotiation, fundraising and real-estate portfolio management

Financial Advisory

Is your company too leveraged?

Naxentia calculates your business’ actual capacity to pay its debts and looks for alternatives: debt restructuring, new debt or renegotiating existing debts – with banks, suppliers or other creditors.

Does your company need resources to grow?

Naxentia can assist you by assessing the feasibility of each type of funding operation and also by presenting your company to its extensive network of financial partners and investors

Financial advisory

Naxentia financial assistance focuses on special situations:

  • Short-term liquidity problems
  • Assessment: determining true cash flow and the real liabilities of the company
  • Selling and/or refinancing assets
  • Debt renegotiation with all creditors
  • Performance improvement of financial management: review of roles and responsibilities, policies, processes and procedures
  • Restructuring and corporate reorganization


More than half of Brazilian companies have financial difficulties and most passes by credit difficulties. We present structured solutions and leverage our network of financial partners.

Real Estate Management

Large Real-Estate portfolios present great management challenges

  • Hard to change: changes are difficult, costly and slow
  • Low liquidity: in a real-estate portfolio with very different assets, only a few of these are attractive enough to be used in structured financial transactions

Naxentia optimizes Real-estate portfolios by restructuring them into Real-estate Investment Funds

  • Optimizing real-estate buy and sell operations: leveraging Real-Estate Funds’ tax benefits
  • Liquidity: Real-Estate Funds can be attractive to investors, by combining assets with different risk and return profiles
    • Real-Estate assets that are not attractive in isolation, become part of a Fund where the attractiveness is in the whole and not in the sum of the parts