Succeed the founders. Resume the path of growth. Change direction. Going out of business. REINVENT.



What we do

Support during critical moments

  • Succession: passage of the management of the founders to Inheritors or new managers
  • Accelerated growth: to grow too fast is a big change-and not always a company is prepared for this: lack of working capital and adequate human resources are just two of the main obstacles
  • Change of course: enter new markets, abandoning old products, change thread
  • Reduction: closing branches, out of a geographic area, outsource the production
  • After purchase/merger integration: integrate a new company to business and existing processes, create a Joint Venture, join a competitor

Managing change

The Naxentia has experts in change management, applying the most modern management practices to ensure an efficient transition

  • Strategy of change
  • Communication with all stakeholders
  • Coordinate implementation of the plan for change

Naxentia experience – some examples

Change management

  • Closure of the production plant in large group of consumer goods and cleaning products
  • Strategy for Brazil’s output of industry automation multinational
  • Preparation of enterprises for entry into Reorganization