Get to know a little of Naxentia’s successful history:


Crisis management and M&A: Tools and auto parts manufacturer

Company with 80 years of history, managed by the third generation of the founding family and with a strongly recognized brand in the industry, suffering with an acute financial crisis; Naxentia provided the management with hands-on support and sold the business to an investor after 8 months of work.

Restructuring: Chocolate and sweets factory  

A family-run, 70 years old company with a strongly recognized brand (reached 10% Market Share in the 80’s), facing an extremely serious financial crisis: falling revenues, great inefficiency in production, negative EBITDA and mounting tax liabilities (on the order of 4 times annual sales). Naxentia’s diagnosis identified where there existed value to be captured: real estate, brand recognition and sales channels in Brazil’s largest state. Naxentia executed a deep restructuring plan which ensured the survival of the company.

Restructuring: Big steel distributor

Large group specialized in the distribution of carbon and stainless steel tubes, plates and bars faced serious challenges after a period of accelerated growth: falling revenues, increasing sales cancellations and returns, inefficiency in purchases, high tax burden (typical of companies with commercial focus), high indirect costs and very high and growing debt. After a thorough diagnosis, Naxentia presented and led the implementation of a complete restructuring plan of the whole business.

Turnaround: airline

Third largest Brazilian aviation company in 2007, had its operation interrupted due to a financial crisis. Naxentia built and executed an aggressive turnaround program and made the company fly again – it was the first case in Brazilian aviation history of a suspended airline returning to fly.

Performance improvement

Performance improvement: supplements

One of the main Brazilian brands of dietary supplements and sports nutrition showed negative results after a period of rapid growth, having doubled its sales in just one year. The new level of revenue brought with it a series of logistical and financial challenges, including the lack of working capital to the new size of the operation. Naxentia conducted the detailed diagnosis of the business, identifying the problems and opportunities for improvement in sales, operations and administrative processes. Naxentia ran an aggressive restructuring plan, reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of operation, reaching positive EBITDA in less than 3 months of work.

Professionalization and preparation for growth: diversified group

A group with diversified presence, operating in the sectors of fuel distribution and hospitality, intended to enter a new market segment, investing in a mining business. Naxentia made an in-depth financial and operational review, assessed the different opportunities presented and outlined a strategic plan detailing the company’s growth objectives. This step completed, Naxentia made the transition of the operational management to a new Executive.

Professionalization and preparation for sale: Incentive Marketing Agency

One of the largest Incentive Marketing companies in Brazil needed to address mounting liabilities and grow. Naxentia took over key management positions and implemented improvements in all areas.

Performance improvement: steel Distributor

Steel distribution company, with shareholders in the recycling industry, decided to implement data-based management. Naxentia designed and implemented new management processes.

Succession and new organizational structure: Manufacturer in the animal health industry

Leading manufacturer of animal health products entered a crisis at the time of succession. Naxentia took over the management and executed the turnaround.

Financial Advisory

Fundrasing advisory: manufacturer of tubes and hoses

One of the largest manufacturers of tubes and hoses in Brazil was planning to make a large investment in the expansion of their productive capacity. Naxentia made all the financial modeling backing the fundraising for the project.

Risk assessment and management: multinational divesting

A multinational in the automation industry made an acquisition in Brazil. When it found larger liabilities than its initial assessment, the company hired Naxentia to assess its strategic options. After assessing the risks and opportunities, Naxentia presented a plan to exit the business, allowing the total protection of the shareholders in relation to existing and potential liabilities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Sale: Corneta

Merger: Informatec + Navita

Merger: System integrators in the IT security industry

Naxentia planned the merger of 7 IT Security System Integrators with regional presence which, when combined, would become a major player in the Brazilian market. The work included the individual valuation of the 7 companies and the business plan and valuation of the group as a whole.


Strategic planning: IT and Telecom System Integrator

Naxentia conducted the annual cycle of strategic planning for an IT and Telecom system integrator for 4 years. In addition to structuring and conducting the preparatory meetings and discussion workshops between shareholders and executives, Naxentia consolidated the results in a strategic plan detailing the objectives, metrics and indicators to be pursued by the company’s executives.

Strategic planning: Leader software and services provider in governance, risk, compliance and IT security

Naxentia conducted the annual strategic planning exercise of a Brazilian company leader in governance, risk, compliance and IT security. Naxentia used the model of management excellence of the National Foundation for Quality (FNQ), which provided, at the end of the planning, a strategic map consolidating Strategic Objectives, Outcome Indicators, Critical Success Factors and Driver Indicators. Naxentia also constructed a plan of action detailing all actions for the year, with themes, responsible executives, deadlines, metrics and indicators.

As you can see, Naxentia has a proven track-record, extensive experience in various industries, and the technical expertise to deliver what you need. We work with a quick and assertive approach, structuring creative solutions to address complex problems.

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